Savoury Preserves : Chutneys      

Bannockburn Apricot Chutney
Rich tangy chutney that complements hot and cold meats, and cheese platters. It is especially good with duck, wild pork, chicken and turkey.

Size : 200gm ............ Price : $9.00 NZD

Beetroot, Horseradish and Clyde Smoked Walnuts
This gorgeous red relish has its sharpness smoothed by a mellow red wine vinegar, plus the extra flavour depth of walnuts. Use this relish everywhere! ? cheese board, barbeque, picnics, sandwiches.

Size : 200gm ............ Price : $9.00 NZD

Corn & Chilli Relish
The sweet flavour of corn along with the enticing hint of chilli makes this a delicious relish to accompany any cold or indeed hot meat dish. A delightful Relish that will be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Size : 200gm ............ Price : $9.00 NZD

Ploughman's Pickle
A nostalgic pickle with a rounded flavour ideal in a picnic hamper, a cheese board or on your favourite sandwich.

Size : 200gm ............ Price : $9.00 NZD

Plum, Port and Smoked Clyde Walnuts
Subtle, smooth and nutty flavour ? this preserve works well with pork sausages or Asian-inspired dishes such as steamed pork balls or tiny wontons and spring rolls. This also goes well with cold meats including game meats and cheeses.

Size : 200gm ............ Price : $9.00 NZD

Spicy Tomato Marmalade
Spicy as in aromatic, this has a subtle, mild flavour. It can be served with savoury scones and muffins, or spread on a pizza base. A great addition as a baste for barbecued and grilled meats and vegetables.

Size : 200gm ............ Price : $9.00 NZD
    Savoury Preserves : Pickled Fruits      

Pickled Shallots with Saffron
Milder than onions, shallots are pickled in a white vinegar spiced with cloves, allspice berries, fresh garlic and ginger. Use with hot and cold meats, pasta and rice, and to spice up vegetables and salads. Wonderful for platters and to take on picnics.

Size : 324gm ............ Price : $14.00 NZD

Pickled Lemon Slices
This is delicious with fish, especially salmon, trout and blue cod. It also adds a zing to couscous, risotto or salads. An added bonus is that any juice left makes a tangy vinaigrette, with the addition of extra virgin olive oil.

Size : 200gm ............ Price : $9.00 NZD

Piquant Cherries with Kirsch
Whole cherries marinated in a spiced wine vinegar and then infused with Kirsch, a liqueur made from cherries truly a gourmet delight. Serve with a cheeseboard or cold meats for a sumptuous lunch or a simple ploughmans platter.

Size : 320ml ............ Price : $14.00 NZD

Pickled Green Walnuts
A hark back to old England. The rich savoury, earthy flavour of pickled walnuts to add a touch of class to any cheese board or picnic hamper.

Size : 400gm ............ Price : $14.00 NZD