We are an artisan food manufacturer, specialising in small batch production in order to deliver products with that real "homemade" flavour remembered so fondly from childhood. Much of the fruit is sourced from our own garden, or from the surplus of friends. Other ingredients are purposely grown for us. Wherever possible, we use local ingredients grown following organic principles. Our eggs come from a producer whose hens range freely and cluck contentedly. We live in an historic property with a long established garden. We enjoy a Central Otago climate with hot dry summers and cold dry winters.  




  Freight costs      


Goods to the value of $9.99

$10.00 – $34.99

$35.00 – $99.99

Over $100.00






Please note that we only freight with a courier service and require a New Zealand geographic address.
We pack carefully and use reputable couriers. Please contact us oat info@inchvalley.co.nz in the unlikely event of any breakages.

We have chosen Paypal as our online payment service. Paypal has a well-proven record for reliability and security.

  Storing Preserves      


Please store our preserves in a cool, dark, dry cupboard or pantry shelf. All preserves deteriorate if exposed to light and heat. Our preserves have a date stamp 2 years from manufacture. The exceptions are:

· Lemon Honey (12 months)
· Lime and Passionfruit Honey (12 months)
· Manuka Honey Mustard (12 months)
· Spicy Tomato Marmalade (12 months)
· Biscotti (4 months)
· Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie (6 weeks)

Once opened, all preserves should be kept covered in the refrigerator and used within 6 months. This is our test as our customers have never been able to keep them this long!




Inch Valley Preserves use only fruit and natural preservatives of sugar and vinegar. No artificial preservatives or flavouring agents are allowed into the kitchen! We source our fruit locally (apart from citrus) and are dependent on the supply from the local harvest. Consequently, adverse weather events (late frosts, high winds, etc.) can affect harvest yield. Our gift hampers contain preserves following a theme. To stay true to our ideal of using seasonal local produce, Inch Valley Preserves has reserved the right to substitute another similar product for one which is out of stock until the next harvest.