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Recall the smells of jam-making wafting out the kitchen window in high summer and the explosion of that memory on the taste buds in the shivering winter.

1 x 200g Apricot Jam
1 x 200g Blackcurrant Confit
1 x 200g Gooseberry Jam
1 x 200g Lemon Honey
1 x 200g Quince Spread
1 x 200g Rhubarb & Ginger Jam
1 x 300g Rich Ruby Plum Sauce
Price : $68.00


Include these in your hamper for a picnic with a real zing. Tomato sauce for the sausage rolls, pickled shallots for the cheese board, mustard for the ham, jam for the scones and something sweet to finish.

1 x 200g Blackcurrant Jelly with Kirsch
1 x 200g Bannockburn Apricot Chutney
1 x 320g Pickled Shallots with Saffron
1 x 200g Manuka Honey Mustard
1 x 330ml Genuine Otago Tomato Sauce
4 x 60g Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies
Price : $65.40


Treat yourself and your friends to an epicurean adventure by including these delights in your menu. Whatever the occasion, you'll find a taste sensation.

1 x 190g Cherry Cointreau Conserve
1 x 190g Lime and Passionfruit Honey
1 x 200g Grape and Cardamom Jelly
1 x Pickled Shallots with Saffron
1 x 200g Horseradish Mustard with Vermouth
1 x 190g Piquant Cherries with Kirsch
1 x 330ml Pepi Taniwha Kinaki

Price : $73.00


Indulgence is the theme ‐ a smorgasbord of mouth-watering delights to start your day. All tastes are catered for with savoury, sweet and tangy flavours. The biscotti flavours are almond & coffee, orange & cardamom.

1 x 190g Blackcurrant Confit
1 x 190g Cherry Berry Preserve
1 x 190g Gooseberry Jam
1 x 190g Lemon, Lime & Ginger Marmalade
1 x 190g Quince and Rose Quiddany
1 x 190g Spicy Tomato Marmalade
1 x 190gm Shortbread

Price : $65.40


Make entertaining easy by adding this selection to platters of cheeses, cold meats, and smoked salmon. Spread the chilli jelly on crostini, while pickled figs add a zingy mouthful.

2 x 70g Damson and Vanilla Fruit Paste
2 x 70g Cherry Pomegranate paste
1 x 200g Chilli Jelly
1 x 190g Pickled Lemon Slices
1 x 320g Piquant Cherries with Kirsch
1 x 200g Herb & Apple Jelly (Mint or Rosemary or Thyme)
Price : $65.50
  Inch Valley Preserves reserves the right to alter the contents of gift packs according to availability.